What is Tailored Giving?

Tailored Giving was created to integrate the marketplace and non-profit spheres by granting

donors the ability to shape their donation specifically to their interest. Tailored Giving not only

fills the communal desideratum but tailors a route of “giving” specific to the individual and/or

enterprise. The Revolving Door Inc., works diligently in fostering relationships with marketplace

leaders and philanthropist in their pursuit of establishing an exemplary means of charitable

contributions in the communities they serve.

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Meet a Tailored Giving Partner:


YG Energy Consulting Provides energy consulting services to commercial and industrial clients all

over the country. They work with the most reputable and trusted natural gas and electricity

suppliers in determining pricing options that best suit our clients’ individual needs. They allow

their clients to maximize on savings and have a consistent on their energy budget and expenses.

Krislen Management has been the pilot program with Link 365/ YG Energy for several years. It is

a testimony of YG Energy’s professionalism, honesty and eagerness to transform communities.

Krislen Management provides affordable housing for over 600 families in the South Bronx. Their

partnership with Tailored Giving has made way for its immense contribution and direct effect in

the community.

Without doubt Tailored Giving is a “Win – Win” for everyone.

Tailored Giving was skillfully designed with both benefactor and beneficiary in mind. Hence, there

is no financial cost in partnering. This program allows one to reap the benefits of blessing others at

no expense!

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Here's how it works:

Once you provide us with the utility bills for your properties, YG Energy will begin the steps

towards switching energy providers. Con Edison will provide documents to you once the switch has

been finalized. YG Energy guarantees competitive set rates for a period of 12-24 months.

The guaranteed pricing will be honored regardless of the potential hike in general energy cost.

Uniform rates will assist your company with annual budgeting. Partnering with YG Energy will

reduce your monthly expense overtime. Your company will receive annual tax benefits, In addition

to one community event of your choice that will be hosted by The Revolving Door.

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In 2020, we will launch our first annual gala honoring Tailored Giving’s donors and showcasing

their companies service and contribution to The Revolving Door Inc via tailored giving. During the

gala, we will demonstrate how your support has directly affected the lives of inner-city residence

and overall communities.

There is no financial cost in partnering. We have creatively designed a program that allows you to

reap the benefits of blessing others at no expense to you.

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