About the Program

  The HOME2BE Program is designed for families that are transitioning from low income to middle income households and desire to own a home. This is a 1 to 3 year program where families partake in educational housing workshops, credit counseling and financial literacy courses. When an applicant meets the criteria, they will receive a down payment match of $10,000 to be applied to their first home. The HOME2BE be program takes the dream of home-ownership and makes it a reality. This program builds assets for families in the Bronx and in doing so, stability and pride for neighborhoods are cultivated and communities are transformed. 

Prerequisite classes

Educational classes – First-time home buyers must take courses that prepare and introduce them to local experts in the home buying industry:

Realtors, attorneys, insurance agents, mortgage lenders, banking professionals, and general contractors.  

Home ownership Counseling - One on one Q&A sessions. These personal sessions allow the Pre-Home buyer to discuss their fears and apprehensions about the process. These counseling sessions are continuous through the 1 to 3-year process and are designed according to the homeowners  needs.

Credit/Financial Counseling - One on One credit counseling is offered to individual and family members who need assistance in raising or repairing their credit scores.

Construction 101 – series of construction workshops designed to teach homeowners to do repairs in their homes to help reduce costs and prepare them for possible remodeling.

Financial Literacy - educate home buyers on budgeting, saving, bill paying and IRS Real Estate tax compliance in home ownership.

Connect Program – offers continuous support to new homeowners. Serves as a helping hand that provides consultation and encouragement throughout ownership.

Link Program - This program informs and helps prospective home buyers apply for additional down payment programs such as HPD Home First assistance program that promote the acquisition of privately owned 1-4 family homes, cooperatives, and condominiums for owner-occupancy within the five boroughs of New York City by providing a forgivable loan of up to $40,000 for down payment or closing costs to qualified home buyers earning up to 80% of AMI.


Applications will be open in Spring 2019. Contact us regarding the program and we will get you signed up as soon as possible!