Our Testimony



The Revolving Door Inc., is a 501-(C)(3) Not-For Profit organization dedicated to building up inner city communities by equipping young adults with educational and entrepreneurship skills and opportunities.


The Revolving Door Inc. is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002 by two multi-regional real estate developers in New York. After rehabilitating over 30 apartment buildings and providing housing to 600 families, the couple felt led to create opportunities beyond housing. The desire to provide more to the community led to the birth of the organization. The Revolving Door now offers a wide variety of educational & entrepreneurial opportunities that include but are not limited to enrichment programs, educational seminars, and instructional workshops.  Our goal is to equip, develop and transform communities one person at a time by preparing and providing the necessary tools to cultivate the true leaders that exist within each and every individual in our community.  

Revolving Door Family

Kristina Hosch


Founder of the Revolving Door, business owner, ministry leader, entrepreneur.

Alexa Hosch-Torres


Program Director and Event Manager. 

Onesha Cora


Projector Manager, Educational Facilitator and Group Leader

Shaira Pena


Group Leader and Social Media Coordinator

Eddie Torres


Co-Founder of the Revolving Door, ministry leader and Sports Director

Erik Hosch


Housing Director and Youth Mentor 

Erica Hosch


Fiscal Manager and Administrative Director

Carmen Lopez


Housing Coordinator and Program Manager

Jose Quintero


Event Team Recruiter